Activities of the Atal Kingdom

29th July, 2016: Subjects gather weekly at the Atal Akhada ashrams to prepare vegetarian and organic food for free distribution to all in the Kingdom.

29th July, 2017: Free eye check up for the subjects of the Atal Kingdom

1st Aug, 2017: Daily worship of Lord Paramashiva by the subjects, who are given this opportunity to connect with the deities and participate in Pujas and rituals.

4th Aug, 2017: Anna daan on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti

6th Aug, 2017: Daily worship the Lord Paramashiva by Sadhus of the Atal Akhada. 

30th Aug, 2017: Traditional music festivals take place in Atal ashrams across the country and offered at the feet of Lord Ganesha, the presiding deity of the Atal Akhada. Subjects are invited to enjoy the culture of the Atal Kingdom through these cultural events.

17th Sep, 2017: Regular yoga classes conducted for the health and well-being of the community and subjects of the Atal Kingdom.

6th Aug, 2017: Daily worship the Lord Paramashiva by Sadhus of the Atal Akhada. 

22nd Feb, 2018: Various Sadhus and saints of the Atal Akhada gather to discuss spiritual matters, as well as discuss the affairs of the kingdom. 

27 March, 2018: Bhagavad Saptah: a discourse of Srimad BHAGAVATAM is notified publicly at all places in the village/town requesting each and every one, along with families come and attend and participate in the discourse.

5 April, 2018: Sadhus of Atal akhada conduct Hinduism classes on various topics such as The Vedas, Puranas, Bhagavad Gita, and so on. This is even telecasted on reputed television channels.

23rd June, 2018: ‘Vastra Vitaran’ – distributing clothes to those in need by the Sadhs of the Atal Akhada

23 June, 2018: Free distribution of books, stationery and other essential items to the local schools.

7th Dec, 2018: Bhagavad Gita discourse given by Sadhu of Atal Akhada.

21st Dec, 2018: Shiva Katha (The Story of Paramashiva) explained by an acharya (teacher) of Atal Peetha.

26 April, 2019 – Hanuman Jayanti Anna daan.

28 April, 2019: A sadhu of the Atal Akhada addresses the subjects of the Atal Kingdom.